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"Such Is Life" Bandana

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As legend has it, "Such is Life" were the last words of Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous "bushranger". The bushrangers were outlaws who famously robbed coaches and lived off the land during the height of the 1800s Australian gold rush. Tales of the bushrangers evading authorities with their superior horsemanship, survival skills, and gunslinging courage evolved into legend. As time went on, the legend only grew, and the bushrangers became national symbols of rebellion, individuality, and rugged toughness.

According to Faye, "The design is my interpretation of an outlaw's life in the bush." In addition to traditional symbols of the bushranger lifestyle, Faye incorporated native flora and an earthy color palette to reflect the unique beauty of Australia. By tying together historical legend, the natural landscape, and modern design, Faye created a piece that genuinely conveys the sense of "mateship" and the laid-back attitude that characterizes what it means to be "Aussie."

Printed, Cut, Sewn, and Packaged by hand at a Fair Trade Certified facility in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Please note that there may be slight sizing and color variations from product to product.