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"Remember You Are On Stolen Land" Bandana

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Heldáy created "Remember You Are On Stolen Land" as a daily reminder that we cannot move forward without first acknowledging our past. He explained, "We all must remember that the land we live on was not 'discovered,' but rather stolen from the indigenous people who settled here first. An 'outlaw' in the general sense, is someone who has committed a crime, and this entire nation must not forget that it is guilty of being established through the genocide and robbery of native people."

Heldáy's hope is that this bandana is one we can all wear to own that history, as much as it may hurt. It is only through remembering the evils and transgressions of the past that we may all move forward without repeating them. "Remember You Are On Stolen" land was Heldáy's submission to, and the landslide winner of, our "Outlaw Collection" Design Contest. His design scored nearly 50% of the final voting, nearly doubling the votes received by the next-closest design. We think it's clear that in his design work, just like in his activist work, when Heldáy has something to say - people pay attention.

Printed, Cut, Sewn, and Packaged by hand at a Fair Trade Certified facility in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Please note that there may be slight sizing and color variations from product to product.